This blog is for anyone who loves to cook and for everyone who doesn’t.

I enjoy cooking, but I haven’t always done it. In fact, for the majority of my early adulthood, cooking dinner typically involved heating up some frozen food or adding boiling water to a boxed meal. It was a lot of fun to eat real home cooked food.

I’m a very inexperienced cook, but I enjoy experimenting with new dishes. Since I don’t have a lot of culinary experience, I try to create straightforward, simple recipes. The inventiveness displayed on all those bizarre cooking reality TV shows and the gorgeous photographs on all the well-known food blogs have always motivated me.


  • I believe in healthy balance, moderation and creating recipes for real life.
  • I create recipes that are realistic for busy people and/or those people out there that don’t necessarily want to spend hours in the kitchen.

Hope you find something that interests you! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back 🙂