Havre-Kokos Småkaker Recipe?Havre-Kokos Småkaker is a Norwegian cookie recipe. The cookies are made with oats, coconut, and flour, and are typically flavored with vanilla.
Real American Brownies Recipe?There is no one specific "Real American Brownies Recipe." Brownies are a type of cake that originated in the United States, and there are now many different variations of the dessert. Some common ingredients in brownies include chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, and flour.
Rabarbrakake RecipeThere are many recipes for rhubarb cake, but most include a combination of fresh or frozen rhubarb, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, and baking powder. Some recipes also include vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Bløtkake Recipe?A bløtkake is a Norwegian sponge cake that is traditionally filled with whipped cream and berries. It is often decorated with a lattice top made from pastry dough, and can be served either as a dessert or a breakfast cake.
Bestemors Fyrstekake Recipe?Bestemors Fyrstekake is a Norwegian coffee cake that is traditionally served on special occasions. It is a rich, dense cake that is filled with almond paste and topped with a layer of glazed almonds.
Pavlova RecipeA Pavlova recipe is a dessert that consists of a meringue base that is topped with whipped cream and fruit. The meringue is made with egg whites and sugar, and the whipped cream is made with heavy cream and sugar. The fruit can be any type of fresh fruit, but typically includes berries.
Sjokoladekake Som Barna Liker Recipe?This recipe is for a Norwegian chocolate cake that is popular with children. It is a simple cake that is made with a chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, and chocolate chips.
Eplekake Recipe?Eplekake is a Norwegian cake made with apples, flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder. It is often served with cream or ice cream.
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