Olive-Rye Appetizer RecipeWhen my family gets together, I like to serve this appetizer. It can be prepared in advance, spread on bread, and then baked just before serving. All ages enjoy it.
Crab Appetizer RecipeThese crab tartlets have been a family favorite for a very long time and are frequently requested at holiday gatherings.
Hot Sausage Appetizers RecipeThe flavor of Tuscany can be brought to your table with the help of spicy Italian sausage crostini. For an appetiser that your guests will adore, pair with your preferred wine.
Shrimp Appetizer RecipeYou won't even need a dipping sauce because the shrimp in this dish are so flavorful thanks to the marinade. This appetizer is a favorite among even those who claim they don't like shellfish. —Kendra Doss from Colorado Springs
Festive Appetizer Spread RecipeThere are lots of bogs in our area, and our state is well-known for its cranberries. With this recipe, I took first place in a competition run by our neighborhood newspaper.
Appetizer Quiche RecipeMake your own Mini Quiche instead of the sous vide egg bites from the coffee shop. Try all four flavor combinations for this simple recipe for an egg breakfast.
Bacon-Pineapple Appetizer RecipeFor these bacon-wrapped pineapple bites, it's best to use fresh pineapple. While canned pineapple chunks are alright—I've used them—fresh cut pineapple is much superior.
Veggie Pizza Appetizers RecipeThis appetizer veggie pizza is made with crescent dough, flavor-infused cream cheese, fresh vegetables, and shredded cheese.
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