Salatet Malfoof – Cabbage Salad RecipeSalatet Malfouf, a delectable Lebanese slaw, is made with crisp cabbage, fresh herbs, lemon, garlic, and scallions. A delicious salad from the Middle East. Vegan!
Salatet Adas – Lentil Salad RecipeOn a summer day, or any day for that matter, this salad is a breath of fresh air. Add chopped tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, or feta as a garnish if you like.
Avocado and Tomato Salad RecipeAvocado and tomato salad is elevated with the tropical flavors in this recipe. Avocados lend great taste and texture to many dishes. this salad is perfect for a quick meal with lots of flavor.
Delicious Greek Salad RecipeRefreshing Greek Salad recipe, made with red onions, pint cherry tomatoes, olive oil, cucumber and much more. The best summer dish.
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