Tortilla Roll Up Appetizer RecipeThese Mexican Tortilla Rollups are a simple appetizer to serve to a large group of people. In a roll, place in the fridge, cut, and serve with salsa!
Appetizer-Clam Dip RecipeA simple appetizer called "Clam Dip" is made with whipped cream cheese, sour cream, salty chopped clams, and is served with potato chips.
Cheesy Artichoke Heart Appetizers RecipeArtichoke hearts are wonderful! We also love making quick and simple appetizers with artichokes, like this delicious spread made with cream cheese and Parmesan.
Bombay Appetizer RecipeBangalore Rolls. Green chutney that is salty, spicy, and wrapped in flaky puff pastry with cheddar cheese. An interpretation of the Bombay Sandwich by Meera Sodha.
Garden Pizza Appetizer RecipeCreate pizza squares by baking pre-packaged crescent roll dough into a single rectangle and topping it with cream cheese that has been spiced with ranch dressing and crunchy vegetables.
Pat’S Zucchini Appetizer RecipeDuring summer squash season, these cheesy zucchini patties are a welcome alternative to potato pancakes. Serve with sour cream or tomato sauce on top.
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